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Decorating Tips for Changing Your Decor with the Season
One of the easiest and least expensive ways to change the
decor in your home is to change small items that give you a
feeling for the season, pillows, throws, tabletop, linens, candles etc. Getting your seasonal decorating accessories out of storage and placing them about the house is almost like greeting old friends. They remind me of happy times and of all the friends and family that were there with us.

The key to great seasonal decorating is stocking up on classic seasonal items, taking advantage of sales when possible and organizing them in seasonal storage containers. This makes the whole process of seasonal decorating a breeze and keeps you from spending too much.

If you have a green thumb and a yard then nothing gets you into the springtime mood like planting flowers. However you donít have to be a gardener to put fresh flowers in a vase, or to put out garden or flowering books on your coffee table. I canít garden to save my life, but I love putting pots of colorful flowers on my back patio! And a colorful floral arrangement can liven up any home. I love flowers, real or artificial! And these days I must say there are some wonderful artificial flowers that can fool even the most skeptical people. I was given an amazing artificial arrangement last year that looked so real Iíve kept it on a table in my foyer and giggle when I see my guests reaching in to check out if itís real or not.

A fresh spring look can be as easy as changing throw pillows and rugs to a lighter, more pastel color. For an instant pick me up, I like adding bright pillows which transform my house to a springtime feel; lime green, bright orange or yellow, or any shade of turquoise. You may want to consider replacing heavy window hangings with lighter ones in order to let more light in. Iím one of those people whose mood is very much affected by light, so I look for every way to let the sun shine in! So open up your windows and let in some fresh air!

Brighten up bathrooms and bedrooms by simply changing out your towels and bed linens to lighter pastels or bright spring colors or florals. Even throwing bright colored decorative pillows onto a neutral bed can bring a different mood to a room. This is the time to put away heavy throw blankets and replace them with lighter ones. And if you really get in the springtime mood, you might want to consider painting a room a light pastel color. In the kitchen area you can easily add color and pizzazz without it costing a bundle; simply add some placemats and kitchen towels in spring colors. And while you are spring cleaning, replace cutting boards with bright colored ones Ė this not only cheers up your kitchen but guarantees freshness in your meal preparation. And while you are preparing dinner, fill a glass vase or bowl with fresh lemons or other fruits for a colorful spring centerpiece.

As the temperature begins to get hotter, you can add stronger and brighter colors to your color scheme like bright yellows. When July rolls around, its time to add a few Independence Day items to your decorating theme, it can simply be flowers or a grouping of red, white and blue candles.

As the leaves begin to turn to fall shades, itís time to think about changing your color theme again, to darker, richer colors. Add reds, oranges and browns to your decorating scheme. This is also the time to get out brass, copper or iron decorations.

Again the easiest and least expensive way to change the look of your home is to change your bed linens and towels. This is also the time to get out your heavier decorative pillows and rugs, as well as thicker throw blankets and quilts.

Halloween provides us one of the best opportunities to decorate. If you donít have children, you donít have to build a haunted mansion full of spider webs and spooky effects. But a scarecrow, hay bale and a pumpkin can go a long way. In addition, these items can usually be used for Thanksgiving too.

As the weather gets chillier everyone begins to think about getting cozy around a fire. So consider reorganizing your furniture around your fireplace and perhaps adding table lamps or floor lamps so you will have good lighting for curling up with a book or playing indoor games.

While winter holiday decorating continues to get more and more extravagant, you can add a few touches to your home to put you in the holiday spirit. A few strings of light, some fresh pine branches and a few candles are all you need. If youíve considered painting a room, now would be the time to think of trying out a darker color.

Tips for Seasonal Decorating
The best way to insure easy seasonal decorating is to store things appropriately. Store them in plastic containers like Rubbermaid or Tupperware. Wrap smaller objects carefully so they canít get broken. Put your items in a place you can easily reach them. If you store them in a garage, basement or attic, make sure the plastic container keeps insects and dirt out. And label your boxes according to the season. On the very top, add an inventory list so you donít accidentally buy things you already have.

A big part of seasonal decorating has to do with changing decorating colors. If you normally decorate with blues, try lighter blues in spring and summer and stronger, darker blues in the fall and winter.

If you are going for a quick seasonal change, use flowers (fake and real) based on the season. You can try tulips and daffodils in the spring, sunflowers in the summer, dried grasses in the fall and poinsettia in the winter.