Warning Advisory

It has come to my attention that entities identifying themselves variously as The Journal, World Progress Report, Inside America, BiographyPT, and Healthwise have been using my name without my consent in solicitations promoting the production (at a substantial cost) of public relations videos, commercials and paid-for news segments. The videos and commercials are described in these sales pitches as being for distribution, among other places, through "internet narrowcasting" and public television. Targets of these solicitations may also be told that I have approved of or am endorsing their product or service, and that such endorsement will be featured in the video.

I wish to make clear that I am NOT connected with, and do not sponsor, endorse or approve of these activities. Any use of my name, and any implication that I or any one in my office is involved in producing such programming, or solicitations for such programming, is wholly unauthorized. In addition, the use of my name in a product or service endorsement, as well as any statements that I have endorsed or approve of a product or service in connection with this programming, are false.

It appears to me that the unauthorized use of my name may have arisen from my participation, in 2008, in the filming of certain generic "openings and closings" for what I was told would be educational television segments of less than 5 minutes in length. These segments were later to be produced on topics such as medicine, law and business, and they were to be distributed by a company known as World Media Television, Inc. However, the authorized use of my name, likeness and image in such short segments was strictly limited to United States public television station exhibition. I did not create, narrate or appear in the segment content. Nor did I express approval of any products or services depicted in the segments. I have since requested confirmation from the party that currently appears to control World Media Television, Inc., and its related entities, of the actual time and date of any segment that aired on public television, but have yet to receive such confirmation.

To reiterate, improper use, as described above, of my name with television programming, the solicitation of such programming, or the endorsement of any product associated with such programming, is misleading and unauthorized.

Please feel free to contact us at should you have any questions about this advisory.