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Remembering my Mom during Heart Month

Joan Lunden

This is a very special February for me since it is the first heart health month since my mom past last August...

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2.4 superbowl party

My Favorite Super Bowl Recipes!

Joan Lunden

It's that time of year again, Super Bowl Sunday is this weekend and I want to share some of my personal favorite Super Bowl snacks to make for my family.

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Connecting grandchildren with their grandparents.

Dale Atkins, PhD and Amanda Salzhauer

We all love to get our children together with our parents but sometimes wen need ideas on how know ways to connect that generational divide.

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Beyond Scrapbooking: 5 Creative Ways to Preserve Your Family’s Memories

JLP Staff

Try out these 5 creative ways to preserve your family legacy, and enjoy creating new memories while you’re at it.

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To Grandmother’s House We Go: The Benefits of a Strong Bond Between Grandparents and Grandkids

JLP Staff

3 reasons the grandparent/grandchild relationship is even more of a blessing than you thought.


When It’s Okay to Let Your Kids Quit

JLP Staff

Who doesn’t love to see their child’s face light up when they make a new discovery? But sometimes it’s not all smiles, and you hear the dreaded words, “I don’t wanna go a...

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Care Packages, Field Days, and Summer Camp: Fun Ways to Get Your Child Involved in the Community at Any Age

JLP Staff

Enjoy these creative ways to get your child involved the community at any age.

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What You and Your Teenager Should Know Before Choosing a Student Credit Card

JLP Staff

What You and Your Teenager Should Know Before Choosing a Student Credit Card

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Tech gifts

Tweens, Teens and Technology: Don’t Let Cash Crash the Holiday Party!

Eileen E. Hegel, Ed.D.

ABC technology gift giving guide for your teens.

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The benefits of living in a studio apartment 2220 x 1250

The Ultimate Guide to Making Your Studio Feel Bigger

Elena Tahora

Elena shares 9 fool proof ways to make a studio feel so much bigger. Read more here.

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