Norma Thomas

I had battle cancer six different times, which two of those have been breast cancer. Every time I knew I could win the battle and I prepared myself to win. The first time I faced cancer was on 2001, I was feeling very weak and started loosing weight very fast. What a surprise I received, the doctor said I had leukemia. As I heard those words I knew I could bit this with God, I knew God had already healed me. I went thru chemotherapy and got really sick but in about two months I was in remission, but the following year on 2002 I had a relapse, went thru more chemotherapy, was very sick and again and in about two months I was in remission. This time the doctor told me that I needed to get a bone marrow transplant that without it I was going to die. I truly believed that God has healed me and I didn't need the bone marrow transplant. After the cardiologist checked my heart, the doctor found out that the chemotherapy has affected my heart so the bone marrow transplant had to be cancelled. Today, I am alive, healthy and very grateful to God for my life. However between 2001 and 2011, I had battle cancer 4 more times. On 2004, I felt a pain on my right breast, had a mammogram done and I could not believe that the results were "I had breast cancer." I had a mastectomy and the doctor informed me that there was no need of any treatment. I was very happy to heard that. Thinking that I would not have to face that horrible illness again because of the three times I had it was more than enough, on 2009 I found a lump on my neck, the results of the test were, "It is cancer." This cancer was very easy and simple, had the tumor removed, no need for treatment because the oncologist said that type of cancer does not return, but I guess in my body this type of cancer was different because on 2010 the cancer returned and the oncologists decided to removed the muscles and lymph nodes from that part of my neck. This was very hard, 35 radiation treatment that got me really sick, my throat closed and I was not able to eat. Again, believing I was done with cancer, I was surprised to hear after I had a mammogram done that the results were "It is breast cancer." I just could not believe it, how could I tell my children that I had cancer again, but I had to go thru, I knew I could overcome this one too and had another mastectomy and this time I had to have radiation treatment. It was actually very easy. Today, just like before I believe I am done with cancer. I believe in the power of the blood of Jesus that have helped me every time to fight this and win. Every time I saw myself in a boxing ring and I have made the decision that I was going to win the fight. For many years I have eaten mostly healthy but since then I have made more changes, and then more changes. We have to work with God and with what God gives us here on the earth. It is very important what we eat.

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