Sherrie Smalls

I was going thru testing to be a kidney for my sister and one testing phase, because I am over 50 (55) was a pap, and mammogram. I went on a Monday and had both done, by Tuesday afternoon my doctors office was calling me telling me they wanted to do an ultrasound because the mammogram showed "architectural distortion" in the right breast! I had no clue what that meant but immediately did research and saw that it was the 3rd determining factor to breast cancer. I scheduled a 3D and Ultrasound appointment for the next Monday, and then had an ultrasound guided biopsy on the next Thursday. Today is Saturday and I am waiting for my appoint with a surgeon on Wednesday to tell me what our course of treatment is. This has been a whirlwind of two weeks. Hearing you have breast cancer is nothing I ever expected to hear, and if I had not been tested for kidney donation probably would not have found anything for a while. I could not feel anything, nor did my doctor feel anything when she did my pap. I do know I have two masses each 2cm and attached to one another and I have two lymph nodes that are swollen. I am trying to stay positive and pray for a success outcome. Reading about others stories and journeys has been a comfort and uplifted my hopes. Thank you all.

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