Kellie Miller

Hi Joan,

I have watched you on TV for a long time, and I was also diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer back on 9/4/14, I actually went thru a lot of mammograms and a needle biopsy and on 9/4 I was given the news yes you have breast cancer. I lucked out by getting the best Breast Cancer Team ever - this is the most compassionate group of Doctors and nurses I have ever come across. I went to see my surgeon on 9/4 and my fear factor went from 100% down to about 10%.

I then not to long after that saw your picture on the front of the Magazine cover and kept thinking I know her - and then looked and it was you. I bought the magazine and read that you also had the same cancer and how bravely you were fighting this disease. This definitely helped me to put some of my fears in check and step back an say it is time to fight this disease - my father used to say you only get one day at a time, so I am taking each day and enjoying it the best I can. I try to find books or at times TV shows that I know will make me laugh and just keep my spirits light. I have already had my lumpectomy back on 10/8 and then I just finished with my radiation treatments. I know now that one of my biggest journeys will be the 5 months of Chemo I still have to go thru, still don't have dates on that as of yet. I am still just now healing from the radiation treatment. I have truly been inspired by you and your article - lets both keep up this fight an beat this disease..

Thank you, and my prayers are with you and your family.

Kellie Miller

Baltimore Maryland...

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