Jo-Anna Kenny

On July 3rd ,2014 I went to the Dr for my annual physical, blood work, breast exam ,etc. My A1C came back 6.4 so I joined a gym & started eating clean and in 1 month I lost 18 lbs! Went to the Dr on Aug 11th to show him my progress and beg him not to put me on diabetic pills but I think I pulled a muscle in my arm and breast! Immediately he tried to biopsy it and got not where so he booked me for a mammogram and surgeon appt. Went for the mammogram and then the technician showed the radiologist and I could see a bright shining sun in my left breast, it was bright and big! The radiologist then ordered a cone mammogram and did that sucker hurt! Then an ultrasound! I knew something was up then! So I asked the radiologist what was up? She said I suspect u have breast cancer!! What???? After arguing with her for about 5 mins on why I don't have I finally realized everything she saw I saw and I started to ball!!! Ultrasound guided biopsy was booked and then those results came in- invasive ductal carcinoma triple negitive grade 3!! Wow was I in for the fight of my life!! 8 rounds of chemo (4 ac & 4 taxol) double mastectomy and 5 weeks of radiation! I go for my 4th chemo on Friday so half done! YAY! I don't know if I could do this without God, my family & friends- they r my rock!! It's a long road but I will not walk it alone!! I share my journey with some humor on facebook under

Jo-Anna's Journey 2014 if anyone wants to follow! Knowledge is power!!

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