Hi Joan, My story begins in Florida 2011, I felt a lump in my right breast, but didn't have insurance. I paid out of pocket $150 to see a GYN in West Palm Beach. You could see my tumor. The doctor said it look like it. but would have to do an Ultra Sound and Mammogram and I told her I didn't have insurance and pretty much begged her to help me. That I would make payments to her. She told me it would cost me $550.00 to have an Ultra Sound and $50 more to find out if it was cancer. I told her I didn't have that kind of money and would she work with me. the answer was NO. So I went on trying to find a full time job with insurance. Had no luck, everything was PRN, no insurance. I work in the medical field, in the ER as an Tech. Been in the medical field for 20 plus years. Then one day on Facebook, I made a connection with an old High school friend. He lived in Franklin , NC. I did not tell him of my situation, He told me his wife of 20 years died of Breast Cancer. but to make a long story short . We fell in love and I moved to Franklin NC in 2012. Lived there till Aug/2012. then moved to Hendersonville, NC. I finally got a Full time job with insurance. still haven't told my boyfriend anything. I started work and my insurance started Jan/2013. I didn't want to tell my work that I had this lump, cause then I wouldn't be able to get the help I needed. I then told my boss I had a lump and ask who should I see. She then took me by my hand and brought me to the best surgeon in the hospital Dr. Albers. He does breast care .He examine me , told me pretty much it was cancer. I then said to him in tears. "Am I going to died" he then said " Did i say there was no hope?" I told him of my journey, he and all the other doctors could not believe it. and thtey all have said that that doctor should have help you. Well, today I'm cancer free! had bi lateral mastectomy, radiation and chemol. I have a very good prognosis. Im a stage 3a and doing great today.almost at 2 years now.

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