Carol Noga

On 10/21/2014, I received the diagnosis of Stage 1 Triple Negative Breast very aggressive Cancer in right breast. On 11/06/2014, I elected for a double mastectomy. Surgeon informed me that it was indeed a wise decision that I made because another cancer was growing in the left breast and may not have shown on mammo for some time. Sentinel node and 2 others were totally clear. Going to have 4 adjuvant chemo treatments. I had one on Dec 29th, 2014. 3 more to go. Totally changed my eating habits. No reconstruction.

This is my second go round. 15 years ago Stage 2 DCIS. Chemo, radiation, lumpectomy and Tamoxifen. Good news is, it was not recurrent and I am still here.

Seems the BRCA gene is in my family, No one to pass it on to thankfully.

Joan is an inspiration to me during this second encounter.

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