jennifer miller

Joan...first off , thank you for blogging all that you have been through. It is helping me. My best friend just passed away 4 months ago at 36, she was a single mother of 5. I never in a million years this would ever happen to me, but it did. I am 38 years old have 5 children, I found the lump myself while shaving my armpits. I like others was scared to get this checked, it was huge and it hurt, I passed it on as maybe a cyst. With a lot of pushing from my husband and family members I ended up getting a mammogram. Radiologist told me something did not look right, they did the biopsy right away. I got my results the following week. I had stage 1 breast cancer. I choose to have a bi-mastectomy. My cancer did not spread to my lymph nodes and came up negative in all surrounding margins. Just when I thought it was over, I went to see my oncologist, she explained I had triple positive breast cancer. Good news is, I caught it early and it is highly treatable. I have to go through 12 rounds of chemo and then 9 months of another drug, followed by 10 years of an estrogen blocker. I really appreciate everyones stories, it is helping me get through some of this. You are all in my prayers and you are all strong spirits. Thank You.

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