Cancer: A Bundle of Weak, Confused Cells

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All the cells in our bodies have an innate ability and desire to replicate and thrive. Cells flourish and reproduce favorably when provided with a healthy environment. The fact is, human cells have the ability to regenerate and rejuvenate healthfully whether we are twenty-four, forty-eight, sixty-three or ninety years old. The most important factor in the development of healthy cells is the essence of the environment in which they live.

Cancer cells are living in all of us. Most of the time though, they cannot replicate and conglomerate because we as humans are super resilient. We do our best to maintain balance in life. We eat healthfully, work conscientiously, play hard and rest peacefully. But let’s face it; sometimes we get out of balance!

This out of balance state of living promotes an environment of susceptibility that, in turn, weakens cells. When cells are weakened they become confused, then express themselves by eliciting symptoms. Organs, glands, and systems then become disoriented and lack synergy. The body/mind becomes prisoner to confusion and delirium, in other words, stressed and compromised. The stress we experience may be conscious or sub-conscious. The inevitable result is an “unknown” vulnerability. I refer to it as “unknown” because, if we knew what was to come, especially if it is cancer, we would surely do our best to make the necessary changes. But, sometimes the diagnosis is the dreaded “C” word.  Now what?

First of all, never own your diagnosis. This means you never say to yourself or anyone, “my cancer.” Nor should anyone else ever refer to the diagnosis as your cancer. Make sure your family and friends are aware of this infirmity if it slips out. It’s not my cancer, it’s the cancer I’m experiencing. Remember, cancer is an experience and a red flag. And it’s something that is possible to overcome. If one person can do it, and many have, then anyone can do it! All you need is the tools, strategies and support.

Okay, it’s a big, obnoxious, red flag. Okay, some things need to change… Here’s where knowing yourself and your tendencies, and listening to those who know you well, comes into play. Here’s where courage, awareness and belief play a big role in your becoming a so-called survivor.

 Secondly, let’s look at what you are putting into and onto your body. Sugar, white bread, processed food, and red meats create an acidic environment in your body. Cancer cells multiply and spread in acidic environs. Sugar substitutes and fast foods are toxic and weaken our cells. Not a good choice. Combine aspartame (Nutra-sweet) or sucralose, sulfites and preservatives with any meal and you get fuel for cancer. Eliminate them from your diet. Research and eat the foods that help alkalize your body chemistry.

Focus on eating fresh, local (when possible) vegetables and fruits, fish and only whole grains. Drink pure, clean, filtered water. Do not drink distilled water. It is dead water and will devour all your precious minerals. If you are taking any pharmaceutical drugs or utilizing Western medicine’s approach (chemotherapy and radiation), be sure to detoxify by taking Chlorella and/or anti-oxidants with N-acetyl cysteine and alpha lipoic acid. They are not contra-indicated!

 Chlorella, a.k.a., blue-green algae, is an anti-cancer/anti-tumor source of food. It is a chelator of heavy metals, helps regulate blood sugar, alkalizes body chemistry, and facilitates bowel movements for elimination. Look for broken cell-wall chlorella if you are interested in adding this to your plan of restoring healthy environs. The broken cell-wall form makes it more easily digested, metabolized, and utilized.

As far as applying chemicals onto your body, minimize or eliminate the use of antiperspirants. They block sweat glands and prevent toxins from exiting the skin under your arms when you perspire. Impure body fluids will then back-up and clog like a sink thereby weakening cells in outside region of the breasts. This region of the breast is called the tail of Spence and is a common place for breast tumors to develop. All-natural deodorant is a much healthier choice.

Finally, when overcoming a challenge like cancer, use the strategies and techniques that work for you. Do what you believe in! But, be aware there are several ways to treat the human body and restore homeostasis. Make sure to address any imbalances in the mind (thoughts), and emotions (feelings). Reinforce your understanding of soul and spirit. It will help sustain your well-being. Spirit is an eternal energy we recognize as “pure love,” and cancerous cells cannot survive in an environment of “pure love.”

Always be aware of the impact thoughts and emotions play on your health and the body/mind environment. Maintain hope and optimism. Consider a daily practice of meditation. Be cognizant of your amazing ability to play any hand the universe has dealt you. In other words, trust and believe that your body was designed to be self-healing when in balance, and know there is always a cure!

Cancer is just a bundle of weakened, confused cells. Give your cells strength and clarity with your approach to overcoming this health challenge. You now have the knowledge and power to make healthy choices. I believe your intention is to get on track to creating balance in your life, optimizing your potential to heal, and continue sharing your special talents with the world. In support, I wish you infinite love and gratitude!

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