6 Holiday Gifts Your Coworkers Will Love

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Joan Lunden

Food & Home / / December 19, 2014

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Your coworkers are some of your dearest friends; you spend countless hours a week together, they know your lunch order, your wardrobe habits and how you take your coffee. This holiday season, treat them to a thoughtful gift that shows them just how much their support in the workplace means to you.

Here are 6 gift ideas your coworkers will love and that can be used at the office! 

A Personalized Mug: 

There's nothing like sipping a hot cup of coffee or tea at your desk in the morning to kick off the day. Personalize a mug for a coworker by adding a photo of their family or monogram it with their initials. 

 A Wall Calendar: 

In todays world everyone uses their cell phones to schedule appointments and events, but an appointment calendar to hang on the office wall is a great back up in case technology fails. 

A Colorful Pen:

A traditional pen can get lost around the office. Using a colorful pen stands out. It can also be used to brighten up those not-so-exciting office meetings. A bright pen can be used to lighten up the mood if a coworker is having a dull day.

A Cozy Scarf: 

For the coworker who always seems a little chilly, a cozy scarf will him/her keep warm commuting to and from work on a frigid winter day. It could also keep them content in the summer as they fight the chilly office AC. 

A Business Card Holder: 

For the coworker who needs a little help keeping organized, a business card holder is a great way to collect all business cards and have them stored in one place. 

 A Scented Candle: 

To make the office smell like the season, give your coworker a holiday spiced candle. Even if your office doesn’t allow the candle to be lit the smell of pine needles or sugar cookies will still travel throughout the office. Spreading holiday cheer. 

A Set of Themed Desk Accessories

Paper clips, push pins and small magnets are office accessories everyone needs. Having a set of desk accessories can become someones "signature" around the office. It will also add the finishing touch when putting together a packet of work papers.  



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