Get Crafty! 5 Fun Halloween Crafts To Do With Your Kids

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Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays. It's the perfect time to gather your kids and get crafty! My family loves decorating our home with spooky spiders, grueling ghosts and other creepy crawlers. This time of year, you never know what may be lurking around each corner!

Here are 5 Halloween crafts that are perfect to do with your kids in preparation for Halloween this Saturday!

Spooky Cut-Outs


Use these Halloween themed templates from Country Living to cut out paper spiders, bats, bones and more! You can even use them as stencils on top of cakes or other baked goods. Yummy! 

Hanging Ghosts


These fun and REALLY easy hanging ghosts can be hung from anywhere in your home. Just follow the outline, draw a silly or scary ghost face and get hangin’!  

Halloween Shadow Puppets


Turn down the lights and watch your kids' imagination run wild. Watch them put on a show using these easy to make Halloween shadow puppets. shares some spooky figures to participate in their evening performance.

YOUR Life Size Skeleton 


With some white butcher paper, masking tape and black paint have your kids shed some skin and create their very own life size skeleton! Follow these steps from and watch as your children brining their skeleton to life.

Ghost Jugs & Spooky Cup Candles


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Super fun and Super easy! Get creative and draw different ghostly facial expressions on an old milk jug, or use different colored plastic cups to create Halloween candles. Use a green cup to make Frankenstein, or an orange cup to make a pumpkin! Place a small LED light under each jug/cup and BOOM - done! Your home will be lit up by creepy creatures throughout the night. 

I hope everyone has a very happy and safe Halloween! 


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