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Tune-in for a full hour of Awaken by Joan Lunden on QVC this coming Sunday, May 18th at 5 PM. 

Awaken, Joan Lunden’s collection of comfort bedding exclusively launched on QVC in 2013. For years as host of Good Morning America it was Joan’s job to wake up millions of Americans every morning. While she loved that role, her early wake-up calls meant that her sleep was always cut short. “It feels like I have forever been in search of a good night’s sleep and now I’ve found it,” says Joan.

Joan Lunden developed the Awaken brand to provide an elevated memory foam comfort experience that allows consumers to maintain full body wellness at any stage in life. The specialty bedding collection features pressure relieving materials, lush sleep surfaces and unique ergonomic designs that kick-start every morning with renewed energy.

A healthy lifestyle and a good night’s sleep go hand in hand. Sleep is essential to maintaining good health, reducing stress and feeling vibrant. So if you’re like Joan, you cherish a restful and restorative sleep. Joan’s awaken products aim to help achieve peaceful nights.

Joan Lunden is one of America's most recognized and trusted television personalities. As host of Good Morning America for almost two decades, she's the longest running host on early morning television.

An award-winning TV journalist, best-selling author, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and mother of seven, Joan defines today's "modern working mother." Joan has been reassuring and informative presence in American homes for over 30 years, keeping us informed on the latest information to care for our homes and families. 

With that passion and journalistic trust, Lunden has created a brand dedicated to helping families live easier, happier, and healthier lives. Her latest venture is line of sleep solutions called Awaken by Joan Lunden, comprised of comfort bedding to promote better and healthier sleep.

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Joan Lunden truly exemplifies today’s modern working woman. An award-winning journalist, bestselling author, motivational speaker, successful entrepreneur, one of America’s most recognized and trusted television personalities, this mom of seven continues to do it all. As host of Good Morning America for nearly two decades, Lunden brought insight to top issues for millions of Americans each day. The longest running host ever on early morning television, Lunden reported from 26 countries, covered 4 presidents and 5 Olympics and kept Americans up to date on how to care for their homes, their families and themselves.

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