Cool Ways to Decorate for the 4th of July

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While your guests probably won’t complain if you just tack up a banner and use flag-printed paper plates, a little more creativity can make them ooh and ahh. Here are a few ideas for throwing a unique 4th of July party that evokes everyone’s patriotic spirit. 

Edible Decor


Making red and blue treats is a no-brainer, but you can branch out from colored cookie icing and sprinkles to do something a little more subtle and memorable. Red and blue sodas in glass bottles sitting in an ice pail are a fun addition. Make a fruit pizza with cream cheese icing, blueberries, and strawberries, or set white chocolate dipped strawberries on a blue platter. But remember, a treat doesn’t have to be colorful to evoke nostalgia--mini apple or berry pies on sticks are just about as American as it gets!

Consistent Theme 


You could consider 4th of July its own theme, but don’t stop there! You can do vintage chic with burlap and deeper tones like rust red and navy. Go all out with wooden signs, home cooking, and old-fashioned yard games like cornhole. For a summer themed party, carve “Happy 4th” into watermelons, make red strawberry tea, and use flowers as decoration. A historical theme with  quotes from founding fathers could be as educational as it is fun. 

Patriotic Patterns 


Who needs a flag to be patriotic? Don’t confine yourself to stars and stripes when it comes to tablecloths, placemats, and dishware. Choose patterns of any type in red and blue, like floral, plaid, or polka dots to keep your decorations from feeling tired. Another way to get creative with patterns is to put them where they’re not expected. Spray paints stars in the grass or buy themed throw pillows for the couch. Use striped straws or napkins on a plain table setup to have little exciting pops of color, and tie sashes around the chairs to convey a fancy theme versus the tried and true backyard barbeque theme. 

Double Duty Decorations 

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Don’t just stick themed stuff on the table to add a little festiveness to the celebration--that will only create clutter and look gimmicky. Make sure most of your decorations have a purpose. It will look extra creative! Use labeled bunches of sparklers as placeholders for your guests. Display red and blue utensils in mason jars tied with ribbon. Instead of hanging streamers, hang string lights or lanterns that will light up the party long past sunset. 


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