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Valentine's day is the perfect time to get crafty! If you are planning to stay in with your family this Sunday have the kids make fun heart shaped decorations for around the house, or have them help you create a Valentine's Day table setting for a special holiday dinner.

A Valentine's Day themed table decor is fun, easy and inexpensive. There's no need to go out and buy decorations when you might have all you need right at home! Bring in things from around your house instead of spending money, just sprinkle some confetti on top of your tablecloth; use pink, red, white and gold bead necklaces from your daughter's jewelry box; place heart shaped chocolates or fragrant soaps you might have around each place setting. Flowers are always a nice touch for Valentine's Day. You can have your children make their own small arrangements made with fake or real flowers tied together with a red ribbon. If you're looking to create a more intimate feel for you and your loved one, use candles as a centerpiece - who doesn't enjoy a candlelight dinner?!? If you have young children and are worried about safety you can use electric candles. I use them because you don't have to worry about fire hazards or messy wax dripping and they look so much like the real thing! I always finish my Valentine's Day themed table scape with a small chocolate heart placed on each person's place setting. I think it adds a little touch of sweetness  and love to kick off the nights festivities.   

Note: If you use soap or any other non-edible decor, make sure your guests know before sitting down for their meal - no one wants to make that mistake! Yuck! 


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