5 Books That Will Help You Understand the Needs of Your Teen the Best

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Do you remember what it felt like to be a teenager?

Half of the time you were unbearably cranky and had no idea why, you were somehow always hungry despite having just eaten a Big Mac an hour ago, you felt as though your parents always hounded you and of course, we all know they were never right…

Being a teenager is a fun and exciting time, but one that is also very frustrating and confusing – as your body and mind change and age, you experience emotions and other physical occurrences that you might not be prepared for. And, sometimes, you just can’t wait to not be a teenager anymore…

Well, until you aren’t one anymore, that is. Then, somehow you blink your eyes and you are looking back on the youngster you were a mere ten years ago – wondering how time went by so fast.

But, once you exit that teenage phase, it can be hard to put yourself back in their shoes. Even if you are just a few years past it, it can be hard to remember and truly understand what goes on in the mind of a teenager.

So, as parents, when we begin the process of understanding teens with our own children, we can find ourselves feeling just as frustrated and confused as we once did as a teenager. You will likely find yourself reaching for any kind of expert advice or help you can get to make the most of this phase your child is in…

Because, ultimately, it comes down to truly understanding just what it is that your teen needs. How can you help them? What do they expect from you? What do they need from you?

And, by tapping into those needs, you will be able to develop a better relationship with them and help them in the ways they need it most.

One thing I have found to be most beneficial during this time in life is books. Through reading, you can find great tips from experts and comfort in learning of the journey and similar struggles of others. It is a great reminder that, as a parent, you are not alone.

If you too are trying to tap into that jar of gold that contains the ability to understand the needs of your teen the best, check out these books:

1.Parenting the Teenage Brain: Understanding a Work in Progress, by Sheryl Feinstein
The title alone should be enough to grab your attention – the key to understanding your teen’s needs starts with understanding how their brain works.
Using the information provided by MRIs and PET scans, this book offers some insight into the major construction that is actually going on in your teen’s head. http://joanlunden.com/category/28-parenting/item/1386-from-middle-school-to-high-school-how-to-help-your-kids-transitionThe glimpse of all the upgrades and changes that are taking place will help you better understand your unexplainable teenager.
In addition, the book will equip you with the knowledge to adjust to the highs and lows of your teenager’s behavior.

2.Parenting a Teen Girl: A Crash Course on Conflict, Communication and Connection with Your Teenage Daughter, by Lucie Hemmen, PhD
Let’s be honest – it is a different experience to parent a teenage girl compared to the experience of parenting a teenage boy. Each one will go through different experiences, each one will act a different way, and each one will need different things.
So, that is exactly why this makes it on my list of some of the best books for understanding your teenager’s needs.
It isn’t easy to be a teenage girl – between the gossip and the drama, the mood fluctuations, and the ever-poor communication skills that teen girls have with each other.
But, this book will teach you how to enjoy and appreciate time with your daughter, how to implement healthy communication strategies and how to maximize her healthy development.

3.Mother & Son: The Respect Effect, by Emerson Eggerichs, PhD
Like I said, life with a teenage boy and life with a teenage girl are two very different things…
And, when it comes to raising a son, respect is one of the key things they need. Every son wants to feel respected by his mom. But, as a mom, it can be hard to understand your son…
This book gives you insight on how to nurture your son, respect him, and develop the best relationship you possibly can with him.

4.Your Teenager Is Not Crazy: Understanding Your Teen’s Brain Can Make You a Better Parent, by Dr. Jeramy Clark and Jerusha Clark
Wouldn’t it be nice if there was the perfect secret to being the perfect parent? Of course, there isn’t – there is no perfect parent and there is no one secret. But, understanding your teen’s brain can help you become a better parent and revolutionize your relationship with them.
Teenagers are at such a monumental time in their life and it is vital that we do our best to understand them.
Don’t worry – when equipped with the right knowledge and tips, even the raging hormones of your teen will be no match for you.

5.Yes, Your Teen is Crazy!: Loving Your Kid Without Losing Your Mind, by Michael J. Bradley
If we are being brutally honest as parents, sometimes raising a teenager can feel like pulling out teeth and losing your mind…
You are drained, you are confused, you are frustrated and just about ready to throw in the towel most likely and take off screaming. But, you can survive these trying years and still come out on top.
This book recognizes the struggles we face as parents and helps us learn how to overcome them.

Just think back on the grief and trouble you used to give your parents at that age. At the time, you probably thought you were a perfect angel and your parents were the problem…

But, guess what? That is exactly what your child is thinking now.

Nobody said it would be easy – but it will be worth it.

Let us hear from you: Share in the comments a few of your favorite parenting books on teenagers. We could all use a little help! 

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