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Still trying to figure out what to get dad for Father's Day this Sunday? How about giving him the gift of time spent together. As children grow older they tend to spend less time at home and less time hanging out with their parents. This Father's Day,why don't you urge your kids (or consider it for yourself!) to give Dad a present that will create memories. A fun activity to do together or a day spent together can be way more meaningful than a tie or a grill accessory. So quit searching the stores for the "perfect" present and try out one of these ideas this year!

Enjoy an Event - Whether it is tickets to a sporting event or passes to a concert, spending time cheering with dad will be a time well spent. 

Play Sports - If your Dad is athletic, organize a basketball game at a local basketball court with your friends and their fathers. Find an open field and gather a team for a couple innings of baseball. If your Dad loves golf, make reservations to tee off sometime this Sunday. Whatever athletic sport your Dad enjoys playing most, make some time this Sunday to get active!

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Throw a BBQ - Many Dads loves to grill, but this weekend let him take the day off. Gather family and friends and invite them over to celebrate all the special fathers, and grandfathers around. Have mom or the kids take on the dinner prep and clean-up so dad can relax and enjoy!

Boating - If you live near a body of water and own a boat or sailboat, Sunday is the perfect day to spend quality time sailing away with Dad. If the weather permits, pack up Dads favorite meal and go fishing or go waterskiing or have a relaxing day reading out on the open water. 

Eat Out - Make reservations at your Dads favorite restaurant. Eating his favorite meal and being surrounded by the people he loves will fill his belly and put a big smile on his face.

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Get Active – Go for a bike ride, enjoy a nature hike together with the family, or rent some four wheelers and race around. Being active together is fun and healthy. Not only that but being together is about creating memories and in these active environments multiple senses are stimulated which makes memories more vidid and lasting.

Remember, Father's Day is a day dedicated to celebrating all Fathers everywhere. So don’t forget to spend some time with the big guy this weekend and assure him that no matter how old his kids are, they are never too old to enjoy spending the day with Dad.

Happy Father's Day! 

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