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Each summer at Camp Reveille we seek out the expertise of leaders in the fields of health, wellness, beauty, and all things women!  Reveille 2014 will be no different, we’re excited to tell you that we’ve got some new guests to introduce to you and back by popular demand, some familiar faces will be returning! 

Bra’s 101 with Jené Luciani
Due to her high demand last summer, nationally acclaimed fashion journalist, style expert, bra guru, and best selling author of The Bra Book, Jené Luciani will be returning to Camp Reveille this year! Pulled straight from TV screen of shows like The Today Show and Dr. Oz; and right off the pages of our favorite magazines like Cosmopolitan and Shape – Jené will entertain and educate us on how to improve our look by simply wearing the right bra! A fun an energetic interactive session with the stylish and fashionable Jené will leave you smiling, laughing, and understanding how to achieve your best look! 

Simple Self Defense for Women with Tracy and Charley Vega
We are very excited to welcome the popular Simple Self Defense for Women founders Tracy and Charley Vega who will show you how to prevent, avoid, and escape an attack or threat. This will be an interactive experience that will teach you easy safety techniques that you can later share with co-workers and family. There will be no punching, kicking, or being thrown around in this session, but everyone will be on their feet participating, learning, and laughing together. Simple Self Defense for Women has been featured on a long list of TV shows and in magazines like the Marie Osmond TV Show, Lifetime Television’s The Balancing Act, Fox 35 News, Women’s Health Magazine, and The Huffington Post. 

Celebrity Beauty Secrets with Emir Pehilj
Joan’s go-to hair and make-up artist, Emir Pehilj will once again share his beauty secrets to the stars!  In this session you will learn what the best beauty products and make-up techniques are and how to apply them to your life like an expert. Emir is a sought after celebrity beauty expert and has done top-notch runway design for designers such as Oscar de La Renta, Vera Wang, and Ralph Lauren along with hundreds of makeovers for real women. This is always a jam-packed session and a great opportunity to learn from such a talented artist. 

Aging Excellently with health & aging experts: 
Brand new to the Camp Reveille break out session program, Joan will be moderating a panel of experts to answers our top questions about health and aging. Joan’s own nutritionist Dr. Robert Zembroski, geriatrician Dr. Cheryl Woodson, Holistic Doctor Dr. David Coppola, and Reveille fitness director Beth Bielat will be sharing their knowledge on different areas of health, giving us tips about how to keep yourself in the best mental and physical health for the years to come.  A dynamic panel with different backgrounds and points of view will offer an interactive discussion about everything from how our diet affects our ability to fight disease, to how important it is to work in some relaxation into our busy schedules, to how to feel sexy during menopause, nothing is off-limits! 

Dr. Robert Zembroski (Dr. Z) is a physician, board-certified chiropractic neurologist, clinical nutritionist, specialist in functional medicine, author and public speaker.
Dr. Cheryl Woodson is doctor and an expert on healthy aging and caregiving.  Her specialty is in internal medicine & geriatric medicine; she founded the Woodson Center for Adult HealthCare; she is the Congressional delegate to the White House Conference on Aging; and she is an author an speaker
Dr. David Coppola is a Holistic Doctor and author who specializes in Eastern Medicine, acupuncture, lifestyle coaching, emotional healing, as well as nutrition and mind/body techniques.  
Beth Bielat is our Reveille Fitness Director and a long-time fitness professional. She specializes in life coaching, martial arts, self-defense, yoga, tai chi, and she is a certified nutritional councilor.  Beth founded the LifeBreath Institute and she is an author and speaker on health, nutrition, and fitness.  

How to Cook Clean and Delicious with Dr. Z
Who doesn’t love a cooking class!?  We all know we SHOULD be eating clean, some of us might THINK we’re eating healthy… but what’s really going into our bodies every day?  What exactly ARE those superfoods and how can you cook with them at home?  What should you really be looking for on those labels?  How can you make a dish that you and your family will love that is good for you? Certain foods can change our quality of health and add to our longevity. This session will be an interactive learning experience where you will get to ask questions, learn from one of the top nutritional experts, and take away some healthy recipes for you to bring home!  Find out what those labels really mean and what foods you should put down at the check-out counter! 

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