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The other day I saw a fun advertisement that was encouraging educational gifts for girls that can spark their interest in math and engineering. I love the idea of educational gifts, especially ones that encourage girls to enter into a male dominated field.


If you are thinking of great gifts for your kids you may be tempted to give into their requests for high tech gadgets and cell phones, but instead of doing that think about a more beneficial gift. Toys are suppose to encourage our children to be creative, be thinkers, builders and inventors while having fun. My kids love legos and I think this is a great way for children to exercise their imagination and stimulate their brains.

Also remember that the best gift to give your children is a lesson on giving to those who are less fortunate. At the local grocery store near my home every holiday season they put up a Christmas tree with names of children and what they need for the holidays. Every year my kids and I pick names off the tree to buy gifts for kids who's families can't afford them. Most of the time I find myself buying a pair of boots or a warm winter jacket for a child in need. This is a time of year like no other to focus on all the people who don't have resources to celebrate the holidays.

Some people don't always have family to spend the holidays with, enough money to buy their kids presents or to make a holiday dinner, so getting your children involved in charities that help others is a great way to give back to your community. Get your boy scouts, girl scouts, soccer teams or whichever group your child is involved in and take them to your local senior center or have them spend some time with a foster child. Putting a smile on someones face who might not get to smile that often is an indescribable feeling that both participants will cherish forever. 

We have to remind our children and sometimes ourselves what the holidays are really about. We have to set the example by showing them that the holidays aren't about how many presents they are going to get but about giving, not receiving. 

We welcome any suggestions or ideas on ways to help your community spread the holiday cheer. If you have any favorite charities that you are involved with I would love to hear about them.

"May your wishes all come true. May you always do for others. And let others do for you." - Bob Dylan 

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