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I’ve just spent two days here at the Red Mountain Resort and Spa right outside St. George Utah. I came to speak at an event called “Harnessing The Power of Change” that was put on by my friends at SpaFinder

While here, I have also been lucky enough to enjoy some phenomenal spa services, some healthy and delicious meals, and a spectacular hike today in the breathtaking Snow Canyon. This setting is so relaxing it’s hard not to take it all in! Yesterday at dinner we discovered a great new take on the Mojito– instead of using rum, they use white wine and it was such a refreshing treat to have with our meal. I am definitely going to remember that for Camp Reveille next year, yum!

I went on the hike today with my head of production and best friend Elise, and my daughter Lindsay who also works for me. We had two great leaders, Bud and Dave and they taught us all about what we were seeing – the land, the history, the trees, the insects, everything! Bud also led us in an amazing meditation session up in the mountains! I have some great pictures and I can’t wait to share them with you…

Jl lk van hike
Here we are on our way out to Snow Canyon, a state park:
Lk jl es hike 1
And we’re off!
Zcool rock
This is a rock that looks like it is about to fall but has been there forever!
Jl es tight hike
There were a few tight squeezes!
Our guides pointed this out, they call it “the womb,” they say it feels energizing and comforting inside:
We saw some fantastic foliage on our hike. Here is a sage bush:
Sacred datura
This is called Sacred Datura and when you smell the leaves, it smells like peanut butter! We also heard it’s known to be a hallucinogen……we’ll take their word for it!
This is a cactus with prickly pear growing on it and they use it on their menu!
Jl amazing hike
Arriving to where we would settle down for our meditation session:
Zgirls after meditation
This is the three of us after our relaxing meditation, stretching and taking in the scenery:
Jl postmeditation
Cozy after our meditation session in our Native American blankets:
Red mountain
The sun came out and hit this rock with, with the clouds behind it, it was a beautiful scene:
Zcool pic
So cool!
Zes jl lk hike 2
We did it!

I hope you enjoy my photo's as much as we enjoyed our day!

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Screen shot 2017 05 15 at 12.21.42 pm

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