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Hoverboard toys are in high demand this year, but recently these toys have been making headlines for reasons other than their popularity; these reasons being fires and falls. 

My husband Jeff and I bought Hoverboards for our two sets of twins for Hanukkah and they really seem to be enjoying  them! But we did apply a strict set of "Hoverboard Rules" that go along with every use:

  1. They cannot be left plugged in and charging overnight. The fire issue seems to be with the battery and fuses, so in this house only Jeff or myself can charge a board. No child is allowed to charge their own. 
  2. No Hoverboard is to be charging for over an hour. 
  3. We store all Hoverboards in a safe place. Not on a rug! Unplugged and powered off. 
  4. All Hoverboard excursions must be supervised by an adult. Just like any other fast moving advanced toy, your child runs the risk of having an accident. Keep a close eye on them and make sure they "hover responsibly". 

If you are thinking about purchasing a Hoverboard as a holiday gift and would like to lean more about them, here is an article from CBS News: 

Hoverboards: Everything you need to know

The hottest toy on the market this holiday season, critics are now wondering whether hoverboards may actually be a little too hot for their own good. Over the past few months, stories and videos have flooded the internet of the popular motorized boards spontaneously bursting into flames and sending their users to the emergency room in a range of spectacular falls. So, are they too dangerous? Is it all hype? Here's everything you need to know: the good, the bad, and the trendy.

Click here for the full article: CBS News - Hoverboards: Everything you need to know

Despite all the controversy circling around these toys, if you are willing to take a little extra precaution, I think they can be really fun. I'm thinking of trying one out myself one of these days! Have you tried one? Are they hard to ride? 

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