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My good friend Leeza Gibbons book Fierce Optimism is such a great read! This is a practical and inspirational guide for using kindness and positivity as a winning strategy-- to forge your own path, with a smile on your face. I certainly try to live with a positive attitude and instill kindness in my kids.

Leeza shares empowering and down-to-earth stories that make it clear that with kindness, authenticity, and smart teamwork, you can be nice AND win! 

In a winner-takes-all world, Leeza suggests seven secrets to balancing kindness and success:

1. Self Worth: Developing self-worth includes giving yourself permission to fail gracefully and shame-free, and then move forward. 

2. Focus: Comparing yourself to others degrades and diminishes your own journey. Focus on your own strengths and strive to work harder than others. 

3. Resilience: Perfect the art of a pivot. The secret to bouncing back from a difficult situation is to assume your circumstances are about to turn around and to expect good outcomes. 

4. Empathy: Listening and being fully present enhances your ability to understand and share feelings with someone else. This is the golden rule for effective leadership and collaboration. 

5. Loyalty: This is crucial for anyone trying to succeed. Pay it forward by mentoring others and sticking with those who support and respect you can boost you and your organization during tough times. 

6. Forgiveness: This is the key to living without regrets, moving forward effectively, and achieving success as a group leader. 

7. Optimism: This doesn't just mean seeing the glass as half full. It also includes taking ownership to continually refill the glass without whining! 

Comment below this post and let me know what you think about this kinder, humbler, and quieter way to succeed big!



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