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Joan Lunden

Today is 12/12/12... in fact, it's 12 PM right now! Today is the last time any of us will see a matching triple digit day in our lifetime!


Christian Bale Interview from 1987

Joan Lunden

Look what I found on You Tube today….an interview I did with Christian Bale in 1987 when he was starring in Stephen Spielberg’s Empire of the Sun when he was only 13 year...

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Social Media Explained

Joan Lunden

I got this sent to me and I just had to share it!

Thanksgiving crafts to make thankful

Take the THANKFUL Challenge

Joan Lunden

I read a terrific Thanksgiving blog over the holiday weekend by Carolyn Gross who has a website called Creative Life Solutions.

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A Farewell to Regis

Joan Lunden

I awakened this morning at 4am and quietly showered and dressed so as not to wake anyone else in the house.

How to have an argument with a woman

Nine Words Women Use

Joan Lunden

I got this forwarded to me by my daughter this morning and I just thought it was so funny I HAD to share it!


Walk with Walgreens - Keeping it Green

Joan Lunden

In today’s world you can’t help but be constantly reminded that we as a human race are having a huge negative impact on our environment.

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Sun & Fitness at Ocean Reef

Joan Lunden

I took a little trip down to The Ocean Reef in the Florida Keys where my head of fitness for Camp Reveille, Beth Beilat lives and works during the year.

Chicken soup for the soul

Job Description: Mother

Joan Lunden

With Mother's Day in two days, I have received a couple of funny emails from my fellow-mom-friends. I received this one today and thought it was just too funny, I had to ...

Royal pizza

Royal Wedding Humor

Joan Lunden

Amidst all my Royal Wedding reporting & research, I have come across articles, websites, and yes, even ridiculous Royal Wedding merchandise that have given me a chuckle.