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IsoFlow Infusion Catheter

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Rob Goldman

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What is IsoFlow™ infusion catheter?

IsoFlow™ is a new cancer treatment catheter that allows for the direct delivery of chemotherapy to a targeted site, i.e. a cancerous tumor. Through this unique and patented process, patients can see reduced side effects and improved treatment outcomes.


Why is IsoFlow™ innovative?

After watching loved ones suffer from and succumb to cancer, inventor Robert Goldman decided there had to be a better way to treat cancerous tumors, especially those in hard to reach places of the body. IsoFlow™ is the product of 10 years of research and development in part with top physicians at leading hospitals across the country. The unique design allows the device to treat previously unreachable areas. IsoFlow’s™ sideways perfusion enables it to directly treat tumors with chemotherapy. This type of treatment eliminates the need of forward flow to deliver physician specified fluids.


How does the device work?

The IsoFlow™ Infusion catheter enables sideways perfusion, which allows physicians to precisely target and isolate areas within the body where the infused drugs are delivered. There have already been a number of patients who have been treated using IsoFlow’s™ directed treatment approach. With IsoFlow’s™ unique design, medications can be delivered into areas that could not previously be treated directly, for instance, a cancerous tumor. According to numerous studies, this approach lets physicians increase drug concentrations at targeted sites while reducing systemic exposure, thereby improving efficacy and patient outcomes when treating illnesses such as cancer with chemotherapy.*


What parts of the catheter are patented?

IsoFlow’s™ patents pertain to the configuration of a two balloon catheter with blood bypass.


Why launch a crowdfunding campaign for a medical device?

“This global effort will help put the IsoFlow™ in the hands of as many physicians as possible. Crowdfunding through Indiegogo lets individuals world-wide participate in this global effort to help others in their fight against cancer.” says CEO and founder, Robert Goldman.

“IsoFlow™ has the potential to have huge impact on the way many of today’s deadliest illnesses such as cancer are treated. This method of local delivery may cause tumors that were previously unresponsive to systemic chemotherapy to respond,” continued Goldman. “We are looking forward to seeing how physicians will leverage this breakthrough catheter medical device into practice and the impact that it will surely make on the prognosis of so many patients."


The crowdfunding campaign will run for the next 30 days. For more information on Vascular Designs or to participate in this world-wide effort to help cancer patients, please visit www.vasculardesigns.com


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About The Author
Screen shot 2016 10 17 at 9.21.52 am

My theme of life is to help as many people as possible. In 1998 my sister, Amy, was diagnosed with colon cancer. After hearing the news, I was inspired to create a better treatment option not only for my sister but anyone facing a terminal prognosis. I spent 10 years figuring out how treat cancer using medical devices. Cancer is terrible. I invented an endovascular catheter, IsoFlow™, that delivers chemotherapy directly to the tumor and kills the cancer, not the patient. Unfortunately, the device came too late to save my sister but has treated a number of patients since 2009. I hope IsoFlow™ can be a symbol of hope for all of those battling cancer. 

To join the campaign visit: www.vasculardesigns.com

You can also find IsoFlow on social media though

Facebook: @isoflowcrowdfundingcampaign

Twitter: @RobertGoldmanSJ

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