5 Tips To Help Seniors Avoid Winter Hazards

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These winter months are challenging for everyone, but while we fight the bitter cold it’s important to keep a close(r) eye on our senior loved ones.

Snow, ice and below zero temperatures can become safety hazards for most aging adults, so here are 5 tips from A Place For Mom that can help our loved ones avoid some of winter's challenges.   


How Seniors Can Avoid These 5 Winter Hazards

1. Cold, Ice and Snow

The most obvious perils of winter are from the weather itself:

  • Falls: Slips on ice are a major risk for seniors in winter, so it’s important to wear shoes with appropriate traction.
  • Driving: Ice and snow can present major dangers on the road. Seniors should avoid driving when road conditions are at their worst, and those who do drive should be prepared for the conditions. Drive slowly. Make sure snow-tires are installed when appropriate, and keep blankets and food in the car should the vehicle be stranded or disabled.
  • Frostbite and Hypothermia: Cold temperatures can cause hypothermia and frostbite. According to Centers for Disease Control, more than half of hypothermia deaths are among seniors. Older adults who do venture outside in cold weather should make sure to dress warmly. Among some vulnerable seniors, hypothermia can even occur indoors if the air temperature in the home isn’t warm enough, so seniors should keep their thermostats above 65 degrees, and seek assistance if they lose heating in an emergency.


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