My Daughters' Advice On Battling Cancer

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Left to right: Sarah, Joan, Lindsay, Jamie

There is no underestimating the power of family and support during difficult times. And my family unit has really stepped up to the plate since day 1 of my diagnosis. My husband, Jeff, is my rock, taking me to almost every appointment and procedure, always helping to keep a sense of humor.

My three older daughters, Jamie (34), Lindsay (31) and Sarah (27) however are quickly mastering the reciprocation of care that I’ve devoted to them their entire lives – they amaze me.

It’s a funny feeling as a parent, to be vulnerable and “in-need” of help and care from your children. But I am a believer in the notion that it takes strength to ask for help. And I certainly have had times where I’ve needed to ask.

All seven (!) of my children are an incredible support system but it’s my three older girls who have really assumed the roles of caretakers in their own right, specifically as I navigate the chemotherapy. No one should fight cancer alone and I feel incredible power knowing I have my girls behind me.

As many of you may know, I am very active in the world of caregiving after having cared for my own brother and mother for many years. Recently the PBS owned website, Next Avenue, designed to reach America’s boomers planning for a new stage in life, interviewed me on my breast cancer journey.

After discussing with them the importance of family during this time, they requested an interview my 3 older daughters. When I presented my girls with the opportunity, they didn’t hesitate even for a second to say “yes.”

When that article was published and I read their full responses, I couldn’t believe how distinct their experiences have all been throughout this process. I want to share with all of you in hopes that you or someone you know can draw strength and perhaps guidance from their kind and loving words.

You can read the article on Next Avenue HERE.

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