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Eyebrows are such an important feature and are a big part in shaping ones "look".

Having fuller eyebrows are in right now. Weather you don't have any eyebrow hair of your own, or are looking to add some thickness to what you've got the products you use are key to getting a natural look. As an eyebrow specialist I have tried many products and have found Benefit to be my preferred brand. 

The Benefit brow product I use the most is Brow Zings. It comes with wax and powder. I usually only use the wax, which is great for darker colored eyebrows. You apply this product by starting with the angled brush.  Keep the brush flat and draw in fine lines that resembles eyebrow hair. You can then go in and fill in your eyebrows more with the second brush that comes in the set.


Benefit also sells Gimme Brow, a top seller of theirs that comes in two shades, light medium and dark medium. This product is applied with a brush that looks similar to a mascara brush and is made of fibers that you brush on to your eyebrows, or brush on directly to your skin.


If you find these products are too dark you can lighten the shade of your eyebrows with a translucent powder.  


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Joan’s go-to hair and make-up artist, she jokes that she “doesn’t leave home without him!”  Born in what was then called Yugoslavia, Emir Pehilj comes from a small town near Dubrovnik. After completing his education in Europe as a hair stylist, Emir launched his career in New York, assisting Serge Norman and Gavin Harwin. Emir has also worked as a makeup artist and eyebrow specialist at Bergdorf Goodman’s John Barrett Salon. He studied under celebrity makeup artist Laura Mercier and worked with the famed Linda Cantello. With the guidance of these beauty professionals, Emir developed his own techniques. His talent and experience catapulted him into the world of haute couture. Emir has done hundreds of makeovers for real women. He is most renowned for his eyebrow shaping. Clients have joked that eyebrows done by Emir are the most cost-effective facelift…and there’s no anesthesia necessary! “I find inspiration in the women I work with.  A client will find that I’m able to enhance her look while staying true to who she is.” –Emir

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