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Radiation Therapy Setup: Part 1

Today was "Part 1" of my radiation "setup" appointment where my body position was analyzed for my upcoming radiation therapy treatments. While the process was so foreign ...

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Joan's Thanksgiving Table Decor

Hosting Thanksgiving at your home this year? Here is a glimpse into my Thanksgiving table look for this Thursday. I would love to see and share some of your Thanksgiving...



What You Need To Know About Diabetes

29.1 million people in the US have diabetes. What exactly is the disease and is there a cure? November is National Diabetes Month, so lets answer some of these FAQs.


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Veterans Day: The Story Behind the Holiday

Today is Veterans Day! Have you ever wondered why Veterans Day was originally named Armistice Day? Or what the difference between Memorial Day and Veterans Day is?



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5 Benefits of Sweating

While many consider sweating to be unpleasant, a healthy sweat, induced by rigorous exercise, is actually great for you….


Staying young

How to Stay Young

I received this in an e-mail a while back. I saved it because I thought it was pretty wonderful advice….

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