Germs! YUCK!

Germs! YUCK! They are everywhere and most germs are impossible to avoid, but we can do our best to fight off the ones we do encounter on a daily basis.


Older man working

The New Age of Aging

11,000 boomers turn 65 each day in our country and they will be redefining the "typical" lifestyle of a senior. (We don't even think of 65 as "senior" anymore!)

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Fire Up the Grill but Turn Down the Heat!

Are you having a Labor Day BBQ this weekend? Let Dr. Z explain to us why we must be careful about cooking our food at high temperatures!


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How to Beautify Your Face

Have a special event coming up and want to take an extra step to looking great? My makeup artist Emir shares some great tips on how to look your best!

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