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Sharon Zschernitz

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I quit smoking on Thursday , September 8, 1983 and never did it again. When I made the decision to quit smoking I did it cold turkey. I got a scare one night and that is all it took to convince me that it's enough. I was not going to let a little cancer causing stick control my life any longer! I began exercising and made better food choices. It was time to get serious or suffer the consequences for my bad choice to smoke. 

First of all you need to ask yourself this question.  Why do I smoke?  Once you figure out why you do, you will have to figure out what you are going to do to change that. Just know that there are others out there just like you. It’s ok if you fall off the wagon because of another unsuccessful attempt at quitting. We all have. You just pick yourself up and dust yourself off and do it all over.  You can do whatever you put your mind to. You can do this!  I did and I could not be happier!! 

My advice to smokers: 

  1. Write a list: I would list all the reasons why you think smoking is good for you. Then list all the reasons why smoking is not good for you.  I bet the reasons why you think smoking is not good for you will far out way your other reasons. But it is only up to you to make the change!  Why not start today?! You will be glad you did!
  2. Use a Calendar: A calendar is a wonderful way to track your progress and to reach your goal(s).  Maybe on your calendar you could put things on it like for example.  Sunday I am going to make up a healthy food menu for the week!  Make a grocery list of foods for your menu and then go shopping. Monday I am going to make my first healthy meal and then I am going to go for a walk or walk a dog at a animal shelter. Tuesday I am going to visit an elderly person at a nursing home and maybe bring along a deck of cards to play a game of war or crazy eights and then go for a walk.   Wednesday I am going to volunteer at my local food pantry and go for a walk. Thursday I am going to make up some Blessing bags to hand out to the less fortunate and then go for a walk. Friday I have a date with a friend to see a movie or to go out to dinner. Saturday I am going to do something fun with my family.  Sunday starts a new week to think about.   A happy you makes a happy life.  You get the idea! You create your calendar your way and every time you feel you are going to relapse go look at your calendar and see how far you’ve come! Look at what you have accomplished. Not only by not smoking but by being involved and helping out within your community!  Having a friend you can call for support is also very helpful. Set a timeline of rewards getting progressively larger with time!   Have fun with it!! 
  3. Set Aside your Cigarette Money: For every pack of cigarettes you buy a day, take that money and put it in a glass jar and mark that jar as your vacation jar or maybe a savings account jar for your baby or towards a new house or a new car. Most importantly reward yourself and be creative with your rewards!! You would be amazed at how fast that jar fills up!! Another idea instead of buying that pack of cigarettes is you could donate that money towards your favorite charity. You could participate in a fun run/walk that raises money to help find cures for heart disease, cancer, or diabetes.   Keeping track of your progress and getting involved for the cause is a great distraction.   Stop smoking, eat healthier and be active makes a better and happier you! Good luck!! 

  You can do this!!! If I can quit so can you! Don't let that cancer causing stick control you! You are in control now!! 


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Hi my name is Sharon and I am 58 years old. I am a mother, a twin sister, an aunt, and also a great aunt.   I worked in the healthcare field for over 31 years and I am semi-retired.  I enjoy traveling, walking, hiking, photography, bird watching, flowers, and more.  I won’t preach about the negative health effects of smoking, but would just like to say that I am a former smoker and you can be too.

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