Pampering on Purpose: Why Treating Yourself is Healthy, not Frivolous

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According to, one survey revealed that stress affects women in a more physical sense that it does for men. And the physical signs of stress are numerous. Sleeplessness, digestive issues, headaches, lack of focus and various aches and pains can all be present because of stress. Over the years, the body may be at risk for high blood pressure, heart disease and menstrual issues.

Stress is bad for the body and even worse for the mind. While there is no cure—everyone experiences stress in their lifetime—women can learn how to cope with stress and relieve the body from the strain. The biggest harm that women commit against themselves is that they never take time for their needs; most women put everyone and everything first.

While selflessness is, in fact, a virtue, never taking time for personal needs places demands on the body. We all need to decompress, and we all need time off. Supermom and superwoman are alter-egos we created to try to be everything to everyone. But we can’t. No one can. Life doesn’t work that way…and the body and mind have limits. Stop pushing your limits.

Pamper yourself. Unwind. Decompress. You need to be first sometimes.

Skin-tastic Treatments

Stress can fuel acne. And no one wants those painful cystic pimples. Take time to pamper your skin. Use your favorite face mask or mix up your own at home using ingredients like oatmeal, honey and yogurt. Soak in a hot bath with an awesome bath bomb or infused with pampering oils. Treat legs and other areas to a really pampering shave. Yes, shaving can be a form of meditative mindfulness! And maybe deal with any ingrown hairs that may be lurking from those less-than precise days when the razor wasn’t even sharp and you had to hurry out the door.

After that soothing hot bath or shower, hydrate the body with your favorite creams or oils. Moisturized skin holds a youthful appearance, but dry skin shows age beyond its years.

Nap…because you can.

Work/life balance is as mythical as a unicorn. And we’re usually our own worst enemy. We push ourselves too far, sacrificing hours of rest for more time do more...because there is always more that needs doing. Just stop. Really. Stop. Staying up until the wee hours of the morning working on a PTO deadline or some random thing that you’ve convinced yourself has to be finished is hurting you. And, likely, it’s killing your immune system. The body needs rest. It needs to repair. Pamper the body in the best way and put it to bed early! Or take a nap. The snooze will feel so refreshing.

Say “no.”

Over commit much? We all do. Why is it so hard to just say “no?” We don’t want to let anyone down, so we just learn to say yes, yes, yes. How do we get ahead at work? Say, “yes!” New project? No problem. We take on so much. We demand so much from ourselves all the time that we find it nearly impossible to decline an assignment or a duty. Saying no feels like failure. But saying “no” really means saying “yes” to something else…or someone else. Say no to say yes to you and to spend more quality time on other commitments.

Treat yourself.

Yes, the rent is due…or the mortgage. Maybe the kids need new shoes. Or braces. Or both. The money train never stops demanding. How can we justify a day at the spa? Or a new shirt? Or a haircut (I cut my own hair…I’m that bad!). Sometimes, you have to force yourself to splurge. It’s hard. You will think about how else that money should be used. But don’t. Spend some of that green on your needs. And don’t look back!

Stress is part of our daily routine. We wake up and we have obligations. Our mind races with worry. We often feel the need to say yes when we really cannot take on another obligation. We give and give and then give some more. However, there is only so much stress and demand that the body can take before it splits under the pressure. Take measures to control stress and unwind and decompress. Pampering can be healing…and healthy. Now embrace the habit of saying yes to you

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