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Pampering on Purpose: Why Treating Yourself is Healthy, not Frivolous

Gwen Lewis

Pamper yourself. Unwind. Decompress. You need to be first sometimes.


Strengthen your Pelvic Floor!

Dr. Leslie M. Rickey

Losing bladder control when dancing, exercising, or laughing is very common. PeriCoach can help lose the leak!

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Dark Chocolate is for Lovers and….

Helayne Waldman, Ed.D., M.S.

Valentine's Day is approaching and what do most women crave besides a bouquet of roses? Chocolate. But did you know those heart shaped chocolates can benefit our health? ...

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Breakout Session: Younger Next Year

JLP Staff

Joan and fitness instructor, Beth Bielat, teach campers the value of exercise and clean living in their breakout session "Younger Next Year" at Camp Reveille 2015

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Next Avenue: Don’t Miss These Signs of Ovarian Cancer

Joan Lunden

Learn about the signs and risk factors of ovarian cancer.

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Once “Dense”, Always Dense?

Wendie A. Berg, MD, PhD, FACR

Can the "density" of your breasts change over time? Dr. Berg from DenseBreast-Info.org shares the answer...

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Mind Over Medicine: 10 Soul Searching Tips

Beth Bielat

Changing the way you think is as important as going for an annual check-up! Beth Bielat shares some ways to keep your mind healthy by eliminating stress and thinking posi...

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Is P53 the New Breast Cancer Gene?

Dr. Z

There is so much attention given to the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes in relation to the development of breast cancer. However some research shows that only a very small percenta...

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Opening My Mind & Spirit to Chakradance

Joan Lunden

I have a really fun workout class with a number of female friends who live near me. We mix it up and try new things and this time, we tried Chakradance!

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I’m Waterlogged!

Joan Lunden

As soon as I made the announcement on Good Morning America with Robin Roberts that I had been diagnosed with Triple Negative breast cancer and had already began chemother...

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