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A good workout routine relies on proper preparation. In addition to making sure you have plenty of water, healthy snacks and gear, you need mental preparation to get yourself going and stay motivated.

A huge key to staying motivated is confidence. And when you can strut into the gym feeling great about the way your workout clothes fit you, nothing can stop you.

No matter your shape or size, you deserve workout clothes that conveys the same message: “bring it on.”

You don’t have to be a size 2 to feel ready to hit the gym like a pro. Check out these workout clothes for the 8 most common body types, and find the perfect athletic wear to help you feel like the workout warrior that you are.

(Not sure what your body type is? Start off with the body type calculator.)


If you have a “straight” body type, your bust and hips may be nearly equal in width. Taylor Swift is a common representation of this body type.

To add or enhance your curves, it’s best to wear different colors for top and bottom.

Top: Go-Dry Seamless Racerback Tank

This sleek and comfortable racerback comes in 3 color options, to allow you t mix and match as desired.

It also has subtle horizontal stripes to add shape in all the right places, and a rounded neckline to balance out squared shoulders.

Bottom: C9 Embrace Run Capris

These Embrace Run Capris are affordable and durable.

The rounded pattern down the side adds just the right amount of curve.

As an added bonus, your mood will be brightened by its flirty pattern.



The pear shape is one of most common body types. If you have a pear body type, you may be widest in the hips with a fairly defined waist. Beyoncé is a beautiful representation of the pear body type.

Top: Nike Women’s Pro Cool Tank Top

Choose a bright color to draw attention to top half of your body.

The scoop neck of this tank top gives your bust the attention it deserves while remaining

supportive and flexible for any type of workout you’re planning.

Bottom: Hard Tail Contour Rolldown Wide Leg Yoga Pants - Dark Charcoal

These are great for both exercise and lounging.

They have just enough flare to balance out the hips and add length to the lower body, and the dark charcoal coloring is both flattering and versatile.



If your hips are larger than your bust and you have a defined waist with shapely lower

legs and arms, you may identify with the spoon body type. (Think Cheryl Burke from Dancing with the Stars.)

Top: Zella Eccentric Seamless tank

This attractive fitness tank is curved down the sides to show off your lovely arms and shapely top half.

Its breathable fabric and cozy fit will help you through the workout lag when you start to hit a wall.

Bottom: Crane & Lion Lightweight Capri

These capris enhance and support your bottom.

The above-ankle, skin tight length creates a slimming effect on your lower half.



Oval body types (also known as apple body types), have broad shoulders and a full

waist on their top half, with a flat bottom and slender legs on the bottom half (think


Top: Reebok Women's Solid Performance V-Neck T-Shirt

You’ll be surprised by how much you come to rely on this shirt for workouts.

Not only is it comfortable, flexible, and breathable, but it draws attention toward your bust while slimming your middle.

The flattering neckline also helps show off and define your collar bone. 

Bottoms: Women's Performance Capri Leggings - JoyLab™ Multi Floral Print

This pop of color draws attention to your bottom half while adding curve to your bottom.

The capri-length shows off calf definition.



You’re an hourglass shape if you have a defined waist with a balanced size in your hips and bust, and your upper body proportionate to your legs. Salma Hayek is a good example of an hourglass body shape.

Top: Under Armour Women's Mirror Printed Crop Top

This fashionable crop top enhances your waist in the most flattering way, and helps your bust maintain balance with your hips.

Bottom: Fabletics High- Waisted Solid Powerhold Leggings

The Powerhold leggings enhance the roundness of your bottom while working with the crop top to draw all initial attention to the slimmest part of your waist.

Add the flattering ankle length, and you’ll wish you could wear these everywhere.


Top Hourglass

The top hourglass shape is a variation of the hourglass shape in which your bust

is slightly wider than your hips (think Scarlett Johansson).

Like those with an hourglass shape, you have a defined waist and gently rounded

shoulders. Your upper body is overall proportionate to your lower body.

Top: Puma Exclusive To Asos Active Crop Top

Crop top’s are making a comeback in the workout world for a reason.

There’s no denying how flattering they can be for this body shape!

This one includes a waist-defining band to accentuate your best asset, and a V-neck to slim out your bust line.

Bottom: Hylete Iris Scallop Short

These light, fun shorts have a unique shape that both balance your legs and bust and show off your shapely legs and bottom.



Diamonds have a full midsection with slender arms and legs. Superstar Adele is a great example of the diamond body shape.

Top: Free People Slub Long Beach Workout Tank Top

Show off your defined collar bone and shoulders with this Long Beach Workout Tank Top.

It’s available in an entire rainbow of color, so you may want to get a couple.

Bottom: Athleta Straight Up Pant

The straight shape of these pants lengthens your lower body, creating shape continuity. You’ll love the supportive waist band to add definition.


Now that you’re geared up and feeling great, it’s time to get your workout routine going! Let Joan Lunden’s Workout America Video get you started the right way >


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