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Pat Manocchia stresses the importance of starting out with your goals clearly in mind.

Goals first and foremost must be realistic. And to meet them, you need some sort of a map. If you haven't been working out on a regular basis, start with simple goals that you'll achieve, so that you won't get frustrated and give up. If you've been working out but need a goal, find something to train for that interests you, like a charity run or, like Joan did, a mountain climb. The important thing to remember is to have a purpose and stick with it. The results will simply follow.

See your doctor for a physical checkup before you start any exercise program, especially if you haven't moved around much for a while.

An important part of setting your goals is realizing that a realistic exercise plan is not another fad program that you go on and off within a few weeks. We're talking about a new way of life for the rest of your life. Say to yourself, "I'm going to take good care of myself. I need it, and I deserve it." Now say it out loud!

Once you're under way with your exercise plan, you need to add some variety to it so you won't get bored. There are a lot of fun physical things to try in the world. Why not find out all that your body can do? Try something different, like windsurfing, in-line skating, or boxing.

“If you have a hard time doing it, get some help,” says Pat Manocchia. “Because if you exercise properly, it’s the fairest court in the land. If you put in the work and you put in the time and you do it properly, you will see a result every single time,” he says. “There is no other place in the world in your life that you will experience that fairness. In relationships, in your job, you can do all the work, work hard, and still not see a result. That will not happen with your body. If you do it, you will see the result.” 

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