Iphone apps to help you sleep

9 Apps that Help You Monitor Your Sleep

Michael Thurston

The technology that humans have developed in the last century and a half has drastically altered the way we have slept for hundreds of thousands of years.

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The First Ladies of Sleep Holiday Gift Guide

Cindy Bressler and Lisa Mercurio

‘Tis the season. So we’ve made a list of our favorite gifts to give….and to receive. Naturally, the theme is bedtime.

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Sleep Slackers... I was one of them

Joan Lunden

When most people think of health they strictly think of diet and exercise, but there are really 3 pillars of good health - diet, exercise, and sleep.



Joan Lunden

Getting the recommended 8 hours of sleep each night is so important.

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Sleep Deprived? Not For Long!

Joan Lunden

Are you getting the recommended 8 hours of sleep per night? If not, guess what... you're sleep deprived.

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Sleep food

Lack of Sleep Linked to Obesity!

Joan Lunden

Being a mother of seven, working a full time job, and being an avid reader, sometimes late into the night - I sometimes find myself hitting the pillow as late as 2:00 AM!...

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Top 10 Holiday Sleep Tips from The Bedtime Network

Joan Lunden

We all know that getting a healthy amount of sleep can be a struggle. The holiday season makes this even tougher for some of us as we might be traveling to see loved one...

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Bedtime network

My Bedtime Profile on The Bedtime Network

Joan Lunden

I recently met two wonderful friends - Cindy Bressler and Lisa Mercurio of the Bedtime Network. Cindy and Lisa introduced me to their wonderful site which is full of info...

Awaken by joan lunden

I've Got to Get Some Sleep!

Joan Lunden

Today's the day and I am proud and excited to share with you, Awaken by Joan Lunden, my new collection of comfort bedding! We’ll be selling a few key pieces from the lin...

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NYT Article: Steps for More, and Better, Sleep

Joan Lunden

I am FOREVER searching for a good night's sleep so this article immediately caught my interest today, Check it out!