Purewow shares 8 Secrets of Women Who Never Seem to Get Tired

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There's always that one woman you see often either at the grocery store, around the office, or picking the kids up from school who NEVER seems to be tired. We know she probably has a million things on her plate, but we still find ourselves in envy over her endless amount of energy. How does she always seem so awake?!? Maybe these 8 Secrets from Purewow.com have something to do with it:

8 Secrets of Women Who Never Seem to Get Tired

Your perky colleague Betty begins each day with a 5 a.m. workout. After that, she’s like the energizer bunny--shuttling the kids to school, working 9 to 5, racing home to make dinner, helping with homework, chatting with her hubby and, hell, even blogging. Here, how Betty (and other high-energy women) do it.

Usually, when you feel sluggish, that pre-dawn spin class is the first thing you skip. But exercise--especially first thing in the morning--can actually boost your energy levels and decrease stress, a known energy-zapper. (Endorphins!)
Science says: When you hit an afternoon lull, spending as little as three minutes watching a hilarious YouTube clip is enough to revive your energy and boost your productivity levels, too.


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