Simple Craft Ideas for the Kids This St. Patrick’s Day

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St. Patrick’s Day is quickly approaching. What better way to kick off this beloved Irish holiday than with some fun crafts? Together, we’ll learn how to make shamrock garlands, four leaf clover door hangers and wreaths.

1. Shamrock Garlands

The shamrock is a traditional symbol of St. Patrick’s Day celebration, and its shape makes for the perfect garland and activity to do with your kids.

Gather the materials you’ll need — green paper or crepe, scissors and a shamrock template. Cut out shamrock shapes from the green paper (add some glitter or design if you’re really feeling creative) and string them together. Place the garland above your doorway, drape it over the table or hang it from the ceiling.

2. St. Patrick’s Day Printable

Print out some fun St. Patrick’s Day-themed cards or pages the kids can color. Look for other printable activities online, such as themed puzzles, mazes or word searches.

3. Lucky Banners and Flags

Decorate with handmade banners made out of St. Patrick’s Day-themed paper and ribbons. Get all the green and gold decorations you can find and challenge the kids to spell words like “Lucky!” or “Happy St. Patrick’s Day!”

4. St. Patrick’s Day T-Shirts

Dress up in themed T-shirts with fun messages that show your enthusiasm for St. Patrick’s Day. Customize them yourself with embroidery, iron-on designs, fabric paint and glitter or superglue. Tie-dye the shirts before you decorate to really make them pop.

5. St. Patrick’s Day Props

If you’re hosting a party, get the kids’ help to create a photo booth for guests to enjoy. Accessories and props will up the fun factor in your photos. Supply your guests with handheld shamrocks, green mustaches, funny glasses, green hats, Irish flags, leprechaun beards and rainbows with pots of gold. Glitter and shiny cardboard will stand out in the pictures, too.

Need more ideas? Here are five more DIY St. Patrick’s day crafts

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