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Today I had the honor of speaking with a remarkable woman, Beth Caldwell of metup.org. Beth is a vivacious, well-spoken, extremely smart and kind woman who is living with metastatic breast cancer. Beth and I met funny enough on Twitter, and Beth agreed to help me better understand the facts and major issues surrounding the metastatic community. Beth welcomed me into the conversation, eager to educate me and help me to better understand what I can do as an advocate in the overall breast cancer community to help get their message out. I have to admit that I was shocked by some of what I learned, it is very eye–opening when you realize how we don’t fully understand certain things, especially difficult things like cancer, until you are thrown into the world of them or speak to someone who lives in that world.

Beth is a mother, a wife, she was a civil rights lawyer, she is an advocate, and a true voice and leader in the metastatic community. Beth works with countless others to bring attention to the needs of the women who die day after day from metastatic cancer. She helped create Metup.org which is an organization dedicated to the metastatic community. They work tirelessly to push the needle on redirecting funds into research for metastatic disease as well as various other legislative goals.

I look forward to sharing a lot more of what I learned from Beth as well as helping to reach out to the right people to help promote change and additional funding to the type of cancer that so many women die from every year. Thank you Beth for the phone call and thank you on behalf of all women for all that you do to help others. Please stay tuned for more on this…

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