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Skip the Coffee: Try these Tips Instead

JLP Staff

Not everyone is into coffee first thing in the morning to help them wake up. Here are some tips from around the web to add to your morning routine routine that do not inc...

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Dense Breast Legislation: Vermont Just Passed a Law

Joan Lunden

Vermont has become the latest state to pass a breast density inform law. More than half of U.S. states now have such a law.

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Secret to Staying Young at 101

Joan Lunden

In the green room at the TODAY Show, I met an incredible 101 year old man! He told me his secret to staying young.

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Children who are the favourite child more likely to suffer depression

Mom Always Liked You Best!

Elura Nanos, Esq.

Five tips to avoid sibling rivalry when caring for an aging parent

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Women's Health Tips for Every Age

Joan Lunden

Just select your age and try a tip or two to improve your health today!

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National Meatball Day Recipes

JLP Staff

Hearty Meatball Recipes!

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Purewow shares 8 Secrets of Women Who Never Seem to Get Tired

JLP Staff shares some secrets of women who never seem to get tired! Take a look:

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