What You Need To Know About Diabetes

Joan Lunden

29.1 million people in the US have diabetes. What exactly is the disease and is there a cure? November is National Diabetes Month, so lets answer some of these FAQs.

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Joan Lunden's Caregiving Journey

Joan Lunden

Sherri Snelling, caregiving contributor for ThirdAge.com, recently spoke to Joan Lunden about her role as a Sandwich Generation and long-distance caregiver for her mother...

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Type II Diabetes: A Threat to All Our Children

Growing Up Healthy

Over the past twenty years, Type II diabetes has increased dramatically in both children and adults.

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Obesity: Much More Than Just a Weight Problem

Growing Up Healthy

We only have to watch kids in school yards, or listen to the nightly news to understand how prevalent obesity has become in our society.

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