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Lion Moms: Why We Roar

Lisa Moreno

Lion Moms are defined as mothers who have children with a chronic illness. Check out the story of Lisa and her son Brody.

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Courage and a Cure: Team Coben

Jodie Murphy

It's Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. I heard about a wonderful initiative Jodie at Courage and a Cure is leading. Read more here!

Kids eating healthy

Teaching Kids Heart Healthy Eating Habits

Joan Lunden

Teaching our children to eat healthy can be difficult. As parents we want them to get the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables without putting up a fight during ev...

Today show kids and sleep

The Today Show Segment: Electronics in the Bedroom are Harmful to our Sleep

Joan Lunden

My ears perked up this morning when this segment came on The Today Show featuring my friend Dr. Nancy Snyderman. We keep hearing about the important role sleep plays to o...

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Mental health

BREAKING THE SILENCE: Spotting and Dealing with Mental Illness

Joan Lunden

Today marked an important day for the children of Sandy Hook Elementary School, as they returned to school for the first time since the horrific shooting last month.

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Keeping Baby Safe: Crib Safety

Joan Lunden

I have a rather unique perspective on baby safety, since I had my first three children in the 1980s and then about 20 years later I had my next 4 children, 2 sets of twin...

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"8 Ways Parents Make Kids Fat" from TODAY

Joan Lunden

Once again, my friend Joy Bauer caught my eye the other morning on The Today Show with this segment about our children's nutrition. in crib.jpg.image

2nd Infant Death Spurs a Repeat Warning for Drop-Side Baby Cribs

Joan Lunden

After learning of a 2009 accident that killed a seven-month-old infant in Colorado Springs, Colo., federal authorities have reissued a recall order for close to a million...

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Safety tips for choosing crib

Keeping our Babies Safe

Joan Lunden

I saw a report on TV this morning that there has been another crib recall. I wanted to share the story with everyone in an attempt to help people to protect infants every...


Healthy Snack Tips from Joy Bauer

Joan Lunden

I caught this segment on The Today Show this morning and just had to look it up when I got to my office so I could take notes!

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