How to Prepare for Your First Spin Class

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Just like any new workout routine, spin class requires just as much mental stamina as it does physical. And a big part of that mental focus is stepping into your workout feeling confident and enthusiastic.

But this confidence doesn’t come magically — especially when trying a new activity. As a beginner to spin class, it’s inevitable you’ll feel behind the pack for at least a few classes (and sore for a few days) when you first get started.

The key to confidence when trying a new workout is feeling fully prepared for what’s to come. From how to choose your class to what to bring on your first day, here are tips to feeling like a pro at your first spin class.


How to Choose Your Spin Class

Every spin class has its own unique culture and atmosphere — which largely on the studio and instructor

Start by determining your personal health goals, and deciding what kind of atmosphere will best support your goals. 

Some studios can be more competition-driven, while others can feel more team oriented. Even details like the kind of music the instructor plays can impact your motivation and enjoyment.

Read reviews online and ask friends who go to spin to choose the studio and class that will best resound with you. Call the studio in advance to see if there are free first-time or first-week trials. 

Pro tip: Once you choose a class, ask about reserving a bike early. This guarantees you can be placed where you’ll be most comfortable. 


What to Wear to Class

Comfortable, breathable and functional clothes can help you show up with confidence and turn up your performance at your first spin class. Here are some tips for choosing the right outfit for class:

Sports Bra

  • Spinning is a low-impact sport, so you probably won’t need a sports bra with heavy-duty support.
  • Choose a sports bra that’s suited for low-impact activities and allows a full range of motion, like the Manuka Damana Sediment Bra.

Workout Top

Workout Bottoms

  • Choose shorts or leggings that are tight enough to not interfere with the mechanics of the bike.
  • Remember you’ll be sweating a lot, so choose bottoms that are absorbent like the Nike Pro Capri Leggings.

Cycling Shoes


How to Prep for Spin Class

When the morning of your first class rolls around, make sure you’re prepped with the right fuel and water to get pumped for class.

Hydrate and Snacks 

  • Fuel up with some tasty snacks that offer just the right kind of fuelyou’ll need are fruits and yogurt, sweet potatoes, and peanuts. 


What to Pack for Spin Class

Be sure to have your bag packed with allthe gear you may needfor your first classbefore you walk out the door. 

Include the following basics:

  • Water
  • Sweattowel
  • Snacks
  • Cycling shoes


‚ÄčSetting Up Your Bike

Arrive 10 minutes earlyto your first class and ask the instructor help you with bike set up. 

If you haven’t reserved a bike yet, feel out the room to see where you’ll feel most comfortable for your first class.

Use the following pointers to avoid the4 most common mistakes of bike setup:

  • Be sure your seat comes up to your hip when you stand alongside the bike. 
  • Put your seat far enough back that your body won’t crunch up during pedaling. 
  • Align your handlebars with the height of your seat.
  • Be sure your feet are secured in the pedal clips.


Other tips for your first spin class:

Don’t be afraid to slow down and take a break!  If you feel queasy or dizzy, be sure to slow down your pedaling rather than stop — stopping suddenly can cause a drop in blood pressure, which could make you dizzier.

Remember that muscle soreness is always the worst when you’re a beginner, but will get easier to deal with as you train your body! Be sure to warm up slowly and include an ample cool-down to prevent additional ache. 

If you feel the burn the next day, try outmassage, cryotherapy, or anti-inflammatories like ibuprofen and lots of water. 

If you’re feeling pumped up and ready for more healthy workouts, take a peek at these other routines to incorporate into your fitness plan >


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