Stay Moving This Summer with These Low-Impact Activities

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Aging Well / / July 11, 2016

The summer months bring warm sunny days, festive local events, and plenty of opportunities to get out and be active. Boomers can make the most of the season by filling their schedule with events that will encourage movement and activity. Use these smart strategies to stay healthy and fit while you enjoy the weather all season long.

Discover Tantalizing Trails

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Walking is one of the best and easiest ways to stay active, particularly when the weather is nice. If you're tired of making circuits around your neighborhood, it's time to head out and discover some new trails you can explore.

Do you have an interesting shopping and dining district in your area? Is there a paved walking and biking trail that crosses the county? Perhaps you have some parks nearby with wooded walking trails that will take you through lush green spaces shaded by foliage. Do some research and explore it all so you have something a little different to look forward to every time you go for a walk.

Hit the Pool

Water activities are ideal for boomers because they put less stress on joints. Regularly swimming laps in the pool will help you create a base of support which reduces the risk of falls and other injuries. One study found that men aged 70 and older were 33 percent less likely to fall if they were regular swimmers. If you're not interested in swimming laps, consider enrolling in a water aerobics class. This doubles as a fun social activity, so you have twice as many reasons to look forward to getting out for your scheduled session.

Stretch Your Muscles with Yoga

Yoga is quickly gaining popularity among boomers. This activity has a proven track record of helping people improve the physical and psychological symptoms of arthritis. Regular yoga sessions will help you reduce joint pain and increase flexibility. If you do yoga habitually, you may also find that you're sleeping better and enjoying lower stress levels. There are many ways to enjoy this activity, so don't let the purported complexity scare you away. Start slowly with a few simple poses and you can gradually progress to more difficult exercises.

Enjoy a Furry Friend

If you have a dog, you'll have several options for staying active this summer with some excitable company at your side. Check out local dog parks where you can socialize with other pets and their owners. This gives you a low-key way to stretch your legs a bit and walk around while Fido burns off some serious energy. You can also stay active just by taking your pet out on frequent walks instead of letting him out in the backyard.


Don't spend your summer closed in the house using up the AC. Get out and make sure you're taking some time to enjoy the sunshine on your face and fresh air in your lungs. This is the ideal season for stretching your muscles, trying something new, and reclaiming a little of your youth.

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