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How to Plan Your Next Family Reunion

JLP Staff

It is all too easy for everyday life to take family members away from one another. That is why regular, well-organized family reunions are important.

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4 Ways to Make Your Home More Retirement-Friendly

JLP Staff

Working with your home proactively to create a space that is ready for you at any age is important. Consider these tips to make your house a little more retirement-friend...

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Remembering Late Spouses During Major Holidays

JLP Staff

The holidays are often the hardest time after losing a spouse, but you'll make it through the holiday season by honoring yourself as well as your partner.

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Senior Discounts You Won't Want to Miss

JLP Staff

Growing older may not be for the weak, but it's certainly for the thrifty. Check out some of these ways to save with senior discounts.

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The Snowbird Lifestyle: Is it really the Best of Both Worlds?

JLP Staff

Your friends do it, some members of your family have done it, and even the neighbor down the street is doing it. Now you think it might be time to try it yourself...

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Tips for Dating over 50

JLP Staff

It doesn’t matter what age you are or what generation you belong to—dating is a fun and exciting endeavor that can change your life if you meet the right person.

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5 Tips to Help Prepare for Parents Moving In

JLP Staff

These tips can make a parent moving in a positive experience for everyone involved. Keep in mind that having a multi-generational household can be a great blessing for th...

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How to Have a Beautiful Wedding After 50

JLP Staff

Your wedding should be everything you want it to be, even if this isn't your first time at the altar.

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Quick & Easy Financial Advice For Those Close to Retirement

JLP Staff

Think of retirement as just such a trip that requires a clear understanding of what is in your portfolio and how you plan to use it to attain the retirement lifestyle you...

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10 Best Vacation Spots for Seniors

JLP Staff

Getting older doesn't mean that you have to slow down. In fact, travel can make your retirement years the best of your life.