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Radiation Week 5: Check!

Joan Lunden

Today I finished week 5 of my radiation therapy. What was once an overwhelming timeline for treatment sure did go by fast. I do feel fatigued and have some uncomfortable ...

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Early Morning Radiation Before Mexico!

Joan Lunden

I scheduled an early morning radiation session so I can make my flight to Mexico for some sunshine with my daughter Sarah. I cannot wait to relax and feel the warm sun on...

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My Radiation Treatment Begins

Joan Lunden

After undergoing 16 rounds of chemotherapy and a lumpectomy, it's finally time to begin the last step of my treatment - radiation. For the next 6 weeks, Monday through Fr...

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It Aint Over Till It's Over

Joan Lunden

This weekend I needed yet another blood transfusion to help lift my blood levels and regain some energy and strength. For anyone going through this process of chemotherap...

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Another Shot, Another Boost

Joan Lunden

If you don't like needles, then just shut your eyes and I did! If you've followed my video blog you might know that I'm not one for needles. Even after all ...

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An IV Energy Boost

Joan Lunden

So, like many others out there going through chemo, I'm having a bad day. Well, a few bad days. My blood levels have really hit rock bottom so I'm here today at the hospi...

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My Final Chemo Treatment

Joan Lunden

This week marks the END of my chemotherapy treatment. I've now received 4 rounds of AC (Adramycin & Cytoxan) and though the side effects of the drugs are in full force, I...

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Chemo Sucks

Joan Lunden

This get well card brought a huge smile to my face and made me laugh out loud. Chemo Sucks - best card ever!

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Radiation Therapy Setup: Part 2

Joan Lunden

Today I had my run-through for my upcoming radiation treatment. While the process takes a while to setup, the treatment is precise, efficient and effective.

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Radiation Therapy Setup: Part 1

Joan Lunden

Today was "Part 1" of my radiation "setup" appointment where my body position was analyzed for my upcoming radiation therapy treatments. While the process was so foreign ...