Breast Cancer Video Blog

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Ice Chips at Chemo

Joan Lunden

This second round of chemo is causing really uncomfortable mouth sores. In this past treatment, my 3rd of round 2, I learned the trick of using ice chips, which help to c...

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My New Chemo Blankets

Joan Lunden

I've received COUNTLESS gifts from so many people, many of whom are total strangers. Their thoughts, prayers and support mean so much and are helping me along my way!

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Joan's New Looks

Joan Lunden

If you have to lose your hair, you might as well get to have a little fun with your new look. You could be anyone you want with a good wig! Which do you like best? Let me...

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Expert Wig Tips

Joan Lunden

At the NYC salon, Bitz-n-Pieces, my friend JT explains some great ways to keep your wigs and hairpieces looking fresh and clean. Through the noise and hustle and bustle i...

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This Is What Chemo Looks Like

Joan Lunden

Chemotherapy sounds really scary, but I want to show you it's not as bad as it seems. And as breast cancer awareness month comes to a close, let's remind ourselves to pay...

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The Real "Planking"

Joan Lunden

Remember "planking?" Well, I'm now showing you all the real meaning of that word as I hold onto this "plank" pose for as long as I can with my husband, Jeff, and trainer,...

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Behind The Scenes: Dr. Oz

Joan Lunden

Today I'll be appearing on the Dr. Oz Show to talk about my breast cancer and share in the journey with fellow fighters in the studio audience. While back stage, I was VE...

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Chemo Round 2

Joan Lunden

Today I start my second round of chemotherapy. Once every 2 weeks I'll receive Adriamycin and Cytoxan - this is the "A" & "C" portion of the "ACT" chemo regimen for my Tr...

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My Fuel for TODAY

Joan Lunden

If you're going through chemotherapy, diet is very important. I've adhered to a very strict eating plan; no dairy, no wheat, no sugar. I used to think - what's left?! But...