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My Wig Lesson For The Day

Joan Lunden

After watching my stylist work on my wigs over the past couple of months, I decided to really learn how to do it myself! Here are a few basic tips that can help to get yo...

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My Lumpectomy Surgery: Post-Op

Joan Lunden

“Still groggy, but happy to hear that my lumpectomy went well."

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My Lumpectomy Surgery: Pre-Op

Joan Lunden

I am about to be rolled into surgery. I'm in warrior mode and I cannot wait to rebuild my body.

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Surgery Day

Joan Lunden

Today I started at the Radiology lab, where my breast cancer was first found. Here they are prepping me for surgery.

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My Lymphoscintigraphy Test...Now THATS a Tongue Twister

Joan Lunden

Today is the day before surgery and I am going in for my pre surgical, lymphoscintigraphy test where they will inject me with radioactive material to map my lymph system ...

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I Just Had My First Blood Transfusion

Joan Lunden

After completing my first phase of chemo and entering the rebuild stage, I found myself shockingly tired and weak. Just going up a flight of stairs was challenging. My ...

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Chemo Treatment: Using the Port

Joan Lunden

I am in for my 6th chemotherapy treatment with one of my daughters, Sarah. I can't believe how much easier it is to use the port instead of going into the veins in my arm...

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Getting My Port: Pre-Op

Joan Lunden

I am about to head into surgery to have my port implanted. Here, I explain why I decided to have this procedure done and how it will help me through my treatment plan.

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Getting My Port: Post-Op

Joan Lunden

Post surgery from getting the port implanted into my chest. I know this will help my process with chemo therapy tremendously. Goodbye to IV's in the arm! Phew!

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Another Day, Another Treatment

Joan Lunden

Another day, another chemo treatment. I am in for my 3rd session, this time in Maine. It's not exactly how I pictured celebrating July 4th, but the amazing staff at Maine...