Sip on This: 5 Tips to Stay Hydrated this Summer

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Summer brings vacations, outdoor workouts, and fun in the sun! Spending more time enjoying the warmer outdoor temperatures may cause dehydration and other heat related issues. Therefore, this summer it is important to try and focus on good hydration practices.

Here are 5 fun ways to beat the heat and make hydration fun!

1. Mix it Up: If plain water does not do it for you, try adding fresh fruits or bubbles to your water! Fruits like strawberries, lemons, or oranges can be great additions to your drink. For some of us, ordinary water is too flat, so adding some bubbles can make water more appealing.

2. Water Bracelets: It can be difficult to keep track of how much water you are actually drinking. Some people become dehydrated because are drinking less than they think they are. Using water bracelets can be a great way to keep track! In the morning, start with 8 small bangles, bracelets, or even hair elastics on your right hand. Every time you drink a full glass of water, remove one band from your right wrist, and transfer it to your left. See if by the end of the day, you can drink all of your bracelets to your left wrist!

3. Water Cups: Having the perfect water cup that you actually enjoy using can help increase your likelihood of drinking more water. I personally love my Yeti Cup with a striped straw, so I always keep it filled and handy. Adding a cute straw, a sticker, or picking up a cup in your favorite color can help you drink from it throughout the day.

4. Eat It: One piece of advice I received from Dr. Murad is that you can also eat foods with high water content to stay hydrated. Some foods with high water content include cucumbers (96%), tomatoes (94%), mushrooms (92%), and strawberries (91%). This does not completely replace the need to drink water, but it can certainly help!

5. Use Technology: There are many apps out there to help track your fitness and nutrition, but there are also apps like Plant Nanny that make hydration become a personal game! Plant Nanny specifically is a game where you grow a virtual garden as you hydrate yourself throughout the day. And, the app even gives you a water reminder so that your virtual plants do not wilt.  This is a fun way to challenge yourself to keep drinking!

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