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The Breakfast Battle: Why It’s So Important for Children to Start Their Day With a Meal

Carli Smith

Building a healthy relationship with food starts every morning, and it’s something your children need to learn how to do. But why is the battle over eating breakfast stil...

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Getting Your Kids To Eat Healthy Doesn’t Have To Be a Battle

Carli Smith

Looking for some tried-and-true ways to develop healthy eating habits in your kids? Check out these ideas!

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9 Health Benefits of Drinking Beet Juice

Jerin Merina

Beetroots have become a popular food in many places being used as culinary. Check out these health benefits of drinking beat juice.

Gluten bread caution

Could You or Your Child Be Gluten Intolerant?

JLP Staff

Comedians joke about the trendiness of gluten intolerance, but there's nothing funny when it affects your child or your family.


Spices for Life

Joan Lunden

Check out this article with content from Dr. Murad with ingredients you can use to spice up your food and your health!

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Thinking of Going Vegan? Here's What You Need to Know

JLP Staff

If you're considering going vegan, there are a few things you will need to consider before you take the plunge.


Back to School: Pack a Lunch

JLP Staff

Here are 5 reasons to pack a lunch and 5 well rounded lunches to get you started!

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Gluten-Free: Fact Or Fad?

JLP Staff

So, what's the story with the sudden rise of gluten sensitivity, gluten-free diets, and gluten-free products? Is it just another diet fad, or is there a real medical reas...

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Sip on This: 5 Tips to Stay Hydrated this Summer

Joan Lunden

Here are 5 fun ways to beat the heat and make hydration fun!


Pitcher of Health

Joan Lunden

Doctor Murad shares a guide to optimal nutrition. Check out his pitcher!